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The Vaitarna Lake is one of the most famous tourist spots in Nashik in Maharashtra. It is located 91 kms away from Mumbai city. Along with being a very important source of water and electricity for the entire city, the Vaitarna Dam near Igatpuri, on the other hand offers a breathtaking and fascinating view of the beautiful Western Ghats.

To a tourist who lands up there, the place is going to offer a complete break from busy everyday schedules, and provide serene beauty to relax in, and rejuvenate among. The beautiful Western Ghats give the tourists a couple of days to forget all the hustle-bustle of a cluttered city life. Vaitarna Dam is a well-developed tourist area where sightseeing of nature is accompanied by the comforts of modern life. It hence lives up to all the points of providing pleasure as a tourist destination.

There is pleasing and well thought out architectural plans well executed in the region. There is ample scope for tourists to look into shops and get themselves busy with their own niche shopping. Art, Nature, and the activities of leisure can all be found together here, to let a tourist completely unwind in the company of beautiful nature and pleasurable activities. There are trending hotels and resorts, along with excellent connectivity by roads and railway. The steep Ghats, the beautiful backwaters, and extensive areas of woods all around make people forget everything else, while they can enjoy the same from luxurious rooms and resort balconies.

Places to see involve a couple of visits around, out of which the must-see are the Ghatan Devi Temple, Tringalwadi Lake and Camel Valley.





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